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Where to start? Well to begin with, this is the second website for Ryan Young. The first was lost in a server accident more than a year ago. That site was created to give people an idea of who Ryan was and what he was about. I sought to do this via photos, text and a message forum where any user could ask a question of Ryan's family and get an answer from those who knew him best. It also was created to keep everyone abreast of Ryan's whereabouts since he was being deployed to Kuwait at that time.

The creation of this updated version of RyanYoung was much more difficult in nature since Ryan had already died from injuries sustained while fighting in Iraq. Even though there was an overwhelming sense of making sure that everyone knew of his heroics and his duty to country, I held back on that feeling and decided it would be much more effective to show the world of Internet users who Ryan was in life and not dwell on his death.

Ryan Young was a very special member of our family and we were devastated as many others were, to lose him. However, the best way I can think of to honor Ryan is to show what he was about in civilian life and military life. He was a good soldier, and was proud to do the service for his country that he performed. But he was also a good friend, son, nephew, cousin, husband, etc. to all who knew him. Indeed, even in the military Ryan had some very close friends...more like family to him. But he would not have forgotten them outside of the military. That was just another stage of his short life.

I really have never heard from anyone who did not respect Ryan immensely. I say that not just as his Uncle Joe, but as a publisher and an amateur writer and all of the objectivity that goes along with those titles. All of that said, please enjoy your visit to RyanYoung.us and I hope you will be come to know Ryan as we did.

Joe M. Young
Publisher, RyanYoung.us




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